Mission Statement of The American Committee for US-Russia Accord

The American Committee for US-Russia Accord (ACURA) is a nonpartisan, tax-exempt educational organization of concerned citizens from different professions — business, academia, government service, science, law, and journalism — who are deeply concerned about the serious decline in relations between the United States and Russia.

ACURA is the successor organization to the Committee for East-West Accord which was founded by the late Professor Stephen F. Cohen in 2015. Steve recognized far earlier than most the danger posed by a return to hostile relations between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

We believe the atmosphere of mutual hostility between the US and Russia does not serve US national security interests, nor does it serve the cause of a more peaceful world. While we believe it is important to recognize that we have serious disagreements with Russia, these should not close the door on dialogue or on the possibility of cooperation on matters of mutual national interest.

Indeed, given the stakes, the need for dialogue and cooperation has never been more urgent. Yet over the past several years we have watched in dismay as agreements covering areas as disparate as arms control, economics, energy, education, science, space, culture have been discarded or endangered.

The primary mission of ACURA is to promote diplomacy, dialogue and cooperation with Russia. Our goal is to stimulate public awareness regarding the dangers of a new Cold War by encouraging open, civilized, informed debate among Americans with different, even opposing, positions, perspectives, and proposals.

ACURA seeks to do this in as many ways as possible, including sponsorship or cosponsorship of events in Washington and across the country–at universities, nongovernmental organizations, and citizen organizations such as Rotary Clubs and World Affairs Councils.

We believe, as Steve did, that the way forward is not through the rhetoric of mutual demonization, but through a sincere effort to undertake the hard work of mutual understanding.

It is ACURA’s goal to make a lasting contribution to that work.

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