Jack F. Matlock, Jr.

Jack F. Matlock, Jr. is a career diplomat who served as US Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987-1991. Prior to that he was Senior Director for European and Soviet Affairs on President Reagan’s National Security Council staff and was US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia from 1981-1983. He was Kennan Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study and has written numerous articles and three books about the negotiations that ended the Cold War, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, and U.S. foreign policy following the end of the Cold War.

Selected Writings

Reagan and Gorbachev: How the Cold War Ended (Random House, 2004)

Superpower Illusions: How Myths and False Ideologies Led America Astray–And How to Return to Reality (Yale University Press, 2010)

“Ukraine the Price of Internal Division,” JackMatlock.com, March 1, 2014

“Cold War II? Notes for a Presentation,” JackMatlock.com, November 30, 2014

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