Newsweek: Putin Criticizes U.S. Leaving Afghanistan, Says Fallout May Present Problems for Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the United States and its allies for leaving Afghanistan, saying the withdrawal may present problems for Russia and its allies.

“There is a danger that terrorists and different groups that found a refuge in Afghanistan will use the chaos left by our Western colleagues and try to launch an expansion into neighboring countries,” Putin said. “That will pose a direct threat to our country and its allies.”

Federation of American Scientists: Pentagon Sees Increased Potential for Nuclear Conflict

“Despite concerted US efforts to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in international affairs and to negotiate reductions in the number of nuclear weapons, since 2010 no potential adversary has reduced either the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy or the number of nuclear weapons it fields. Rather, they have moved decidedly in the opposite direction,” the Department of Defense documentsaid.

VIDEO: Daniel Ellsberg: The Most Dangerous Man In America Receives Defender of Liberty Award

In his ground-breaking 2017 book “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear Planner”, Ellsberg discloses the omnipresent harrowing danger of regional U.S. commanders given authority to use nuclear weapons offensively. That makes every day another potential Cuban Missile Crisis or worse. Ellsberg exposes the delusional mentality that the credibility of the American nuclear umbrella justifies risking nuclear winter and exterminating the species. General Thomas Power, commander of nuclear forces from 1957-1963, bugled: “If at the end of the [nuclear] war, there are [but] two Americans alive and one Russian, we win.”

Kelley Beaucar Vlahos: Classified docs reveal UK plan to provoke Russia in Black Sea

The docs reveal that the Brits knew very well that the Russians would respond aggressively (and they did, the extent to which is in dispute) when they sailed the HMS Defender 12 miles off the coast of Crimea in the Black Sea this week, they did it deliberately  –  a case that British officials have been acknowledging in the last few days.

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